Jože and Milena, sons Matjaž and Uroš

Sporting activities

Sports enthusiasts will come into their own playing different sports.

You can play:

  • volleyball on the very fine river sand,
  • football,
  • basketball,
  • tennis.

Courses, fields, and courts are not far from Apartments and Rooms Ravbar.


there are two golf courses not far from Apartments and Rooms Ravbar. One is the golf course Grad Otočec with 9 holes, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful golf courses in Slovenia, (8 km from Novo mesto) and the other, which we also recommend, is Grad Mokrice with 18 holes (40 km from Novo mesto).

Mountain biking

It is possible to organize guided tours and one can rent a bike. We have been leading a very long cycling tradition. The father Jože and his son Uroš are very keen on cycling. They make sure that all the bikers in Apartments and Rooms Ravbar feel welcome. Kolesarjenje We can provide you with maps, useful advice; you can rent a bike or service your own in the nearby shop. We can also organize guided tours at one’s request.

The Dolenjska Region with its wavy countryside, valleys, slopes, and steep hills presents excellent conditions for mountain biking.
Ljubenska pot – our most popular biking route
Novo mesto – Otočec – Šentjernej – Javorovica – Orehovica – Mokro polje – Novo mesto (50 km difficult but beautiful panoramic route)
Novo mesto – Prečna – Frata – Straža – Dolenjske Toplice – Novo mesto (35 km, medium difficulty)
Novo mesto – Ratež – Gaberje – Krvav kamen – Trdinov vrh – Gospodična – Novo mesto (55 km, very difficult)

A trip by kayak on the River Krka

Rafting na reki KrkiTrips are organized by our friend, an Olympic athlete Borut Javornik. You will be fully equipped for a kayak trip and very experienced guides will take care of your safety. First you will be thought the elements of rowing and than you will be able to enjoy exploring our beauty – the river Krka – with numerous not very difficult rapids and smaller natural dams. The tour can last 90 minutes or 3 hours and after the tour you will be invited to visit a tourist farm – a house where you will be able to taste local specialities.

Rafting on the River Krka

Between Zagradec and Šmihel there are eleven marvelous tufa waterfalls and dams from one to four metres high; approximately two kilometres from rapids, on the way to Žužemberk there are yet five more waterfalls and dams. The Krka flows down the ravine, where you can admire the wonderful natural environment with old mills and saw-mills.

Rafting down the Dolenjska beauty has always been an extraordinary experience. The gathering place is on the bridge in Zagradec, where you will be provided with the necessary equipment required for rafting. More experienced rafters will be happy to help you with useful advice and after that rafting can start.

We recommend two routes:

  • from Zagradec to Šmihel (6km, approximately 1,15 hour),
  • from Zagradec to Žužemberk (14km, 2,30 hours).

Those who have some extra time to spare will be invited to join us on the beautiful clearing by the Krka where we can organise a picnic for you (trout, grilled meat) and our local accordion player can take care of your good mood.

Down the River Kolpa by canoe

You can go canoeing or rafting down the beautiful Kolpa. It is a paradise for all the lovers of untouched nature.

Horseback riding

Horseback Riding Centre Češča vas is located in a gorgeous environment under the pine-tree tops in a pleasant shade. Horses move freely in the beautiful nature where horseback riding school is run under the surveillance of horse back riding instructors. For the participants of the course five or six horses are available (various breeds).

Skiing in winter

Skiing Centre Bela (25km from Novo mesto) offers enjoyment to those who love skiing. It is the only bigger skiing resort in the region and also a very popular tourist resort. A ski-track can be used by both amateur and professional skiers and offers excellent skiing and the most spectacular views. On the ski-field there are also cross-country skiing tracks and a skiing school. There are also five ski-lifts with the capacity of 5400 skiers an hour and a chair lift with three chairs.

Panoramic flights by plane

The climax of your visiting our region must be a panoramic flight over Dolenjska. You can take off in Prečna and fly by a one-engined plane Cessna C-172, a four seater (three passengers and a pilot). The flight takes fifteen minutes; longer flights to other parts of Slovenia are also possible.

For more adventurous we organize tandem jumps by a parachute from 3,000 metres above sea level. You can also fly a sail-plane.

You shouldn’t miss hot-air balloon trip

We have experience, high safety standards and quality equipment produced by world famous manufacturers. We only go ballooning when the weather is good, so floating among the clouds is suitable for everybody disregarding the age. A trip can last from sixty to ninety minutes before the sunrise or just before the sunset. After the trip we organize a ballooning christening with champagne and after that all the participants are rewarded. The whole event will take you up to three hours.


(Trška gora, Gorjanci, Mirna gora…)
Gorjanci – we recommend you to visit a cottage on Gospodična where you will be served a home-cooked goulash. Near the cottage there is a spring with magic power.

The Trdina’s (a famous Slovene writer) fairy tale tells us about the Lady of the castle who became young again after having washed herself in the magic spring.

Trekking – tours and routes:

  • from Gabrje to Gospodična, 1 hour (strongly recommended), from Gospodična
    you can continue to Trdinov vrh (1,178m) from where you can experience
    beautiful views,
  • Trška gora – a wine-growing region (from Krkin hram), 15 minutes (strongly
    recommended, beautiful views),
  • Pleterska pot – a walk by the Pleterje Monastery walls, 1 hour,
  • Baragova pohodna pot – a longer walk (Trebnje – Mala vas – Dobrnič –
    Trebnje), 5 hours,
  • Steklasova pohodna pot – a longer walk (Šentrupert – Vesela gora – Škrljevo –
    Okrog – Hom – Nebesa – Viher – Šentrupert), 6 hours,
  • Peš okoli Novega mesta – On foot around Novo mesto: one can take a trip to the
    seven hills, 2,5 hours,
  • Cvičkova gaz: Otočec – Grčevje – Hmeljnik – Trška gora – Otočec, 4,5 hours,
  • climbing Mirna gora (1,047m) – from different starting points – the highest hill
    in Bela krajina.


In the Dolenjska Region the most important fishing-place is the Krka valley. This 108 km long river is a natural habitat for about thirty sorts of fish,salmonoids, andcyprinoids.

A fishing permit with additional information and a map are obtainable at the Kompas Tourist Agency, Robinson Agency, Fishing Family Novo mesto and in most of the inns and restaurants along the Krka (Na Pajčni and Pri Matjažu in Zagradec, Pri gradu and on the Koren Farm in Žužemberk, on the farm Na Gričku in Dvor, in the inn Pod Smreko in Straža, in the Hotel Krka Novo mesto, and Hotel Grad Otočec).

Ribiška družina Novo mesto (Fishing family), (041) 315 135, (041) 644 859, (041) 644 736