Jože and Milena, sons Matjaž and Uroš

Worth seeing


Apartments and Rooms Ravbar is only a five minutes’ walk from the centre of Novo mesto. We are an excellent starting point for trips and excursion/tours in our region. We can provide you with some useful information about nearby sights and a map of Novo mesto and its vicinity.

To tour Novo mesto and its vicinity you need at least three days. Many guests fall in love with this intact part of Slovenia so they often stay longer then they have planned. The inhabitants of the Dolenjska Region are hospitable and we shall be pleased to show you around this beautiful part of Slovenia.

Novo mesto:

  • an archaeological capital of Slovenia also known as the town of situlae (prehistoric bronze vessels),
  • an excellent starting point to relax and explore, the country,
  • a town of hospitable people, good food and drinks,
  • a town of music festivals and concerts.
  • Novo mesto

Events in Novo mesto
Rock festival (July)
Jazz festival (August)
Festival (Julij, August)
Festival of the Sun, Otočec (June – September)
Festival of Documentary Photographing (August)
Theatre (all year long)
A very popular pub – Lokalpatriot
A bookshop – Založba Goga

Novo mesto is also called a booming “halstat” of the Dolenjska region according to the rich and booming civilisation and the inhabitants who lived in this area more than two thousand five hundred years ago. You must see the old town centre with the outstanding architectural monument, the Minster of St. Nicholas. In the church there are the painting of St. Nicholas made by the Italian painter Tinttoreto and the crypt. Worth seeing is also the Franciscan church and the monastery with its fabulous library.

The Regional museum of Dolenjska houses a tremendously rich archaeological collection, which is one of the most significant in Slovenia. Some exhibits are of a tremendous cultural and historical value and belong among the best in Europe. It is also possible to watch a film about Novo mesto.

To see the town on foot we recommend a footpath called Kettejev drevored which leads to the hillock Marof from where you can experience a gorgeous view of the town. Walking in Ragov log (a forest) overlooking the river Krka is also really idyllic.

For groups guided tours which include programme on the raft named Rudolfov splav which will take you down the River Krka are available. Rudolfov splav You will be able to spot the most amazing parts of the town. While on the raft you will be served Cviček and a warm local dish. One of the participants will be accepted among Rudolf’s raftsmen and at the end of the cruise everyone will be given a souvenir.

Only a few kilometres from Novo mesto a vine-hillock Trška gora with its wonderful views overlooking the basin of Novo mesto, the Krka and Gorjanci (a hill) are situated.

For nature and animal lovers a guided tour is organized to take you for a walk through the unspoilt nature of “obora” (an enclosed spot in the forest intended for game-breeding) Ruperč vrh. You will be able to observe wildlife (deer, stags, foxes, wild boars, fallow deer, moufflon …) in their natural habitat on approximately 40 ha.

About Novo mesto

Otočec castle

Grad Otočec

(8 km from Novo mesto) It is the only preserved castle which was built on an island and is encircled by the River Krka in Slovenia. It is possible to visit the castle (which prides itself on its very rich past) in the company of “the Lady of the castle” or “the Count of Otočec”. The castle is converted into a ***** star hotel and is famous for its cuisine. Not far from the castle there is a golf course (9 holes), which is considered to be one of the most beautiful courses in Slovenia.


  • Casino castle in Otočec – open daily from 7pm on (American roulette, blackjack, poker, slot machines),
  • Restaurant Tango – every Friday and Saturday dancing music is arranged,
  • Disco Otočec – open from Thursday to Saturday from 11pm on.

The river Krka

Reka Krka

(Novo mesto is approximately 39 km from the source) A guided tour is recommended to see the source of one of the most beautiful Slovene rivers. The source is a home of proteus anguinus. Along the river there are several castles and so the valley of Krka has been named the Valley of castles. You can also visit the castle of Žužemberk and see the most beautiful tufa thresholds on the River Krka.

Monastery of Carthusian monks – Pleterje


(19 km from Novo mesto) You can watch the multivision presentation of monastic life; visit the Gothic church of St. Trinity, which is the oldest part of the monastery, and the outdoor museum – a 200-year-old estate in Šentjernejsko polje. The museum displays a tremendously rich traditional life of rural people, their culture, customs and habits. After visiting the museum you can see ancient rural chores and you are offered to taste local dishes. It is possible to purchase Pleterje pear brandy with real pears in bottles, and pottery typical for the area of Šentjernej.

Kostanjevica na Krki (Kostanjevica-upon-Krka)

(24 km from Novo mesto) It is one of the smallest and oldest towns in Slovenia, also known as the Venice of Dolenjska. In the vicinity of this extremely wonderful town the Forma Viva is located. It is an outdoor exhibition of wooden sculptures. There is also the richest gallery in Dolenjska with the biggest arcade yard in central Europe. A tour guide can take you to one of the most beautiful karst caves in the area.

Brežice castle

(40 km from Novo mesto) It houses one of the richest and largest regional museums in Slovenia. The museum of Posavje, which is noted for its archaeological and ethnological collection, displays valuable pieces connected with a peasants' rebellion and a collection of paintings produced by first-class baroque painters. The Knights' Hall is a fascinating piece of architecture and prides itself on its beautiful baroque frescos.

Baza 20

(20 km from Novo mesto) If you are fascinated by war you must visit it. During World War II there were the headquarters of the Slovene Partisan Movement. Today it is supposed to be the only preserved monument of the Resistant Movement in Europe.

Zeliščarska kmetija - a farm where herbs are grown

(20 km from Novo mesto) You can taste herbal teas and toasts with herbal paste. They will present you their craft and experience. It is possible to purchase different teas and other products made according to the recipes of father Ašič.

Krajinski park Lahinja

(45 km from Novo mesto) In the Lahinja Landscape Park, organised visits to the genuine botanical treasure grounds in the upper part of Lahinja's river basin are arranged. On approximately 200 ha one can admire a combination of natural and cultural heritage: Pusti Gradec - the view of Klepec's mill and the sawmill 'venecijanka', the Church of All Saints which stirs public imagination with the legend about its church bell and the tasting of Bela Krajina specialities is also organized.

Domačija Raztresen – the Raztresen Tourist Farm

(45 km from Novo mesto) For all those who are interested in old customs and habits such as growing and manufacturing flax, basket-weaving, decorating traditional coloured-eggs, products of old crafts, glassware and ceramic products, and fine arts.

Metlika – a town in the Bela krajina Region

(29 km from Novo mesto) It is famous for its castle where you must see the Regional Museum of Bela Krajina with its permanent collections and a film about Bela krajina. In the vicinity there are famous pilgrimage gothic churches “Tri fare” in Rosalnice and a winegrowing region Drašiči where you will be able to taste the best wines and specialties of Bela Krajina (roast lamb, and sucking-pig).


(70 km from Novo mesto) The capital city of Slovenia, 50 minutes’ drive from Novo mesto to Ljubljana. The Capital with its old part of town and its vivaciousness (festivals, cultural events, sports activities…) will fill you with enthusiasm.

Music festivals and other events

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Heritage trails through Dolenjska and Bela krajina in Slovenia

Culinary art


In Apartments and Rooms Ravbar one is offered hearty self-service breakfast for additional payment. Fifty metres from the apartments there is a supermarket, where you can buy food and beverages. In the vicinity there are also numerous restaurants and inns, where you are able to taste gastronomic triumphs.

Restaurants in Novo mesto (close to us):

  • Restaurant hotel Krka
  • Don Bobi – Italian food (pizza, pasta)
  • Gostišče Dežmar – lokal food
  • Gostišče Loka
  • Inn Pri Belokranjcu
  • Pizzeria Totalka
  • Chinese restaurant
  • Grilled meat - Gedžo
  • Light meals – športna dvorana Marof

Restaurants in area (close to Novo mesto):

  • Restaurant Vovko - Ratež (distance 7 km) – local food (we recommended)
  • Restaurant Mrak - Sela pri Ratežu (distance 6 km) - local food
  • Vila Otočec – Otočec (distance 7 km)
  • Restaurant Tango and Castle Otočec (distance 8 km)
  • Inn Prešeren – Dolenje Kronovo (distance 9 km)
  • Inn Rog – Dolenjske Toplice (distance 12 km)
  • Inn Štravs - Podturn pri Dolenjskih Toplicah (distance 14 km)

Wine Cviček

This nice reddish wine is a synonym for the Dolenjska Region and is a Slovenian wine peculiarity. Drinking this wine one can trace our wine-growing country and sincere and simple local people. Cviček, the wine with its own character is meant for people who approach the wine cheerfully, open-mindedly and for those who can cast away all prejudices. It is very special and made from red sorts of grapes (“žametna črnina” – 70%, “modra frankinja” – 10%) and white grapes – 20%, amongst which “kraljevina” prevails. The right proportions of red and white grapes combine into a beautiful harmony.
Cviček By its structure Cviček is one of the most mildly scented and original wines of Slovenia. It is dry and has low content of alcohol (8.5 – 10.0%) with slightly higher content of total acidity and as such it is a unique product in Slovenia and throughout the wide world.

It is a fruity beverage of a light red colour with a ruby-red shade and with emphasis on red fruits (raspberries, cherries, redcurrants). Its taste is gentle, fresh, lively, and charming.

The value of Cviček is shown in its pleasant and healing effects on a human body. As other old red wines Cviček also contains flavonoids which have been recognized (also by medical science) to have a favourable influence on one’s health and they are supposedly help to prevent cardiovascular diseases. It is well known that since ancient times some doctors have advised the patients who have had diabetes, those with not enough acidity, and those who have had high blood pressure to have some wine during meals.

Cviček fascinates you with its unusual characteristics, it is light and drinkable, and contains various elements. Therefore it may be compared with the diversity and haste of our era and with our desire for modest and healthy food. True wine lovers know how to appreciate wine for everyday use, “un petit vin”, as the French call it, the wine which requires special occasions but not special preparations. It is without much firmness but also without hidden flaws. It is very light and drinkable. Cviček is the wine for each and every occasion, it can be drunk as an appetizer (sparkling Cviček), as a constant companion of simple and modest local traditional dishes and it is also excellent while strolling about. It refreshes us and light-heartedly reminds us of our pleasant experiences for a long time. The guests of Apartments and Rooms Ravbar are invited to taste our own wine Cviček made by our father Jože (the father of the house).

Health resorts, Spas and Welness

Spas and Wellness

Dolenjske Toplice Spa
(12 km from Novo mesto)

You are invited to make the most of the facilities which are at your disposal by Wellness Centre Balnea situated in the middle of a gorgeous health resort park. A complete and wide diversity of wellness offers and other beauty treatments for one’s face and body are available for the guests.

The 9.200 m² of Balnea offers a various range of facilities such as swimming pools, saunas, baths, massages to spoil you and to take care of your face and body and other treatments to keep you fit and preserve your health.

Šmarješke toplice Spa
(13km from Novo mesto)

High quality services await you in Wellness Centre Vitarium Spa & Clinique – 1.000 m² very stylishly and comfortably equipped places, among others a high quality facial and body treatment centre, relaxing rooms for various massages and relaxing techniques, a professionally equipped gym, a unique centre for mountain training, a fitness centre, and facilities for modern therapeutic and diagnostic services.

For recreation and relaxation there are two swimming baths (32ºC) and three swimming pools filled with thermal water. The swimming pools are in the harmony with an enchanting and genuine health resort park. One of them is meant for children the other is sports swimming pool (both of them 26ºC – 28ºC); and there is also a very popular wooden swimming pool, which is located just above the thermal spring (32ºC).