Activities in our

Fans of active leisure will relish spending time with us. Ravbar apartments and rooms are an excellent starting point for a great number of outdoor activities.


There are two golf courses nearby. Only 8 km away from the Ravbar apartments and rooms is the Otočec Castle Golf Course with 18 holes, which is considered one of the most beautiful courses in Slovenia. We also recommend a visit to the Mokrice Castle golf course with 18 holes (distance approx. 40 km).


Our region is ideal for cycling with mountain, gravel, road or electric bikes.
We have a very long cycling tradition at home. The owner Jože and his son Uroš are avid cyclists who make sure that all cyclists staying in the Ravbar Apartments and rooms receive a special welcome. We can provide you with maps and tips and there is bike rental and bike service in the immediate vicinity. Upon request, we also organize guided tours and rent bicycles. Our surroundings allow you to cycle in unspoiled nature, which is an unforgettable experience.

Kayaking on the Krka river

Excursions are organized by Olympian Borut Javornik. You will be dressed in full kayak equipment and trained guides will take care of safety. At the beginning, they will teach you the basics of kayaking, and then you will be able to discover the beauty of the Krka river with its many rapids and small natural dams. The trip is followed by a visit to a tourist farm, where you can try local specialties.

Rafting and boating on the Kolpa river

You can go canoeing or rafting on the beautiful Kolpa river. A paradise for lovers of unspoiled nature. Kolpa is the warmest Slovenian river which makes it ideal for swimming in the summer months.

Boating on the Temenica or Krka river

The Češča vas equestrian center is located in a beautiful location under spruce canopies offering pleasant shade. Horses move freely here, and a riding school is run under the supervision of a riding instructor. Five to six horses are available for students – a pony, a haflinger, an Icelander and larger horses.

Gače Center


Skiers can ski at the Gače Ski Center (25 km away) in the winter. It is the only major ski resort in the region and a popular lookout and trip destination. The resort is intended for both recreational skiers and competitors and offers excellent skiing with a beautiful view. There are also cross-country ski trails and a ski school for beginners.


The unspoiled nature of Kočevski Rog with its many bike trails (you can also use electric bicycles) is waiting for you. You can hug the thickest fir tree in Slovenia or get to know what life was in secret hospitals of the WWII resistance movement. Hiking trails in Kočevski Rog (e.g. to Mirna Gora, which offers amazing views) and good local cuisine are especially popular among visitors.

Panoramic flights

Why not try a panoramic flight over the beautiful Dolenjska and along the Krka river valley? You can fly from the Prečna Airport in a four-seater motor plane. Longer flights to other Slovenian regions are also possible.

Hiking (Trška gora, Gorjanci, Mirna gora …)

Gorjanci: we recommend a visit to the hut on Gospodična, where you can try homemade goulash. In the immediate vicinity is a spring which is said to have rejuvenating powers. A local fairy tale tells of a noble lady who was able to turn back time and become younger by washing in it, so many come to try it for themselves. It is also interesting to visit the Miklavž mountain hut and the many hiking trails starting there (e.g. through primeval forests of Kočevsko). We will be happy to advise and guide you.

Hiking tours:

  • Mach trail, 2 hours (highly recommended), a picturesque walk through beautiful nature along the creek to the confluence of three springs, where you can see the Trdina rock window and the “dwarf’s ear”.
  • Gabrje – Gospodična, with the possibility of continuing to Trdinov vrh (1,178 m), where you can enjoy in amazing views (you can even continue along a circular path through the primeval forest which we warmly recommend; approx. 4-5 hours full circle; possibility of a shorter trail of approx. 3 hours from Krvavi kamen).
  • Through Ragov log and along the Krka river – the most beautiful footpath in Novo mesto (approx. 1.5 h).
  • Trška gora (from Krkin hram guesthouse), 15 minutes (beautiful views).
  • Walks around Novo mesto: see the seven hills of Novo mesto, about 3 hours

Hiking maps:

  • Novo mesto hiking map – click here.
  • Dolenjska hiking map – click here.
  • PZS mountain trail map  – click here.

The most important fishing river in the Dolenjska region is Krka. About 30 different fish species, salmonids and cyprinids, live in the 95 km long river. It’s a true fishermen’ paradise.

You can fish: asp, chub, carp, tench, grayling, barbel, vimba, perch, cactus roach, bream, nase, river trout, roach, common rudd, zander, catfish, huchen, rainbow trout, pike and common bleak.

Boat and paddle board rental on the Krka river

At the Novo mesto town beach, located on the right bank of the river under the Portovald park, you can relax by renting paddle boards or wooden boats (or kayaks if you wish) and paddling on the beautiful Krka River, which is ideal for these activities thanks to its slow flow.

Training camp in Novo mesto

Additionally, you have the opportunity to play beach volleyballfootballbasketball and tennis in the immediate vicinity of the Ravbar Apartments and rooms.